Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employbl?
Employbl is a site for employers and candidates in the Bay Area.
Where does the data come from?
I've got a spreadsheet of companies collected over the past couple years. I google the company for their address and find out their founding date from linkedin or crunchbase.
What made you build this project?
As a candidate I was frustrated by not being able to find companies geographically close to me. I didn't want to settle for whoever was looking whenever I happened to be looking. I wanted to find the company that matched me. Later, while working as an agency recruiter I realized the shortcuts and limits companies faced in hiring great talent and I knew there had to be a better way.
How does it work?
If you're a candidate I recommend applying, creating a profile and picking companies you want to apply to. Don't blindly apply on company websites. Reach out to people that work at where you want to work. For more questions or job hunting advice email me:
Is Employbl available outside of the United States?
Cool project! Can you do one for my city?
Ummm maybe. Probably not. Unless you're city is New York, then probably. Let's chat
What's it built with?
Laravel and Vue.js
Who are you?
I'm Connor. You can find me on linkedin, github or twitter. I currently work at Stitch Labs and previously worked as an agency recruiter for tech, design and digital marketing opportunities.

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