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Customer Success Manager
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Oct 26, 2017
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San Francisco, CA
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Bay Area company location: 1128 Howard St, San Francisco CA

Job description

About us:  Remix is on a mission to improve to way cities are shaped. We’ve partnered with 325+ cities across 18 countries on 4 continents — and are continually seeking to grow our impact around the world. Urban infrastructure impacts everything from economic mobility to CO2 emissions, and our platform (demo) empowers local governments with data and tools to transform their transit, reshape streets and implement new mobility options to better serve their community. We care deeply about the built environment as the zip code you're born into is one of the strongest predictors of lifetime upward mobility. About this role: We’re looking for experienced transportation planners who are excited about building more livable cities across North America. This includes educating users on Remix, transit planning and street design best practices, creative problem solving, and helping guide our product roadmap. You’ll execute our success strategy with new and existing customers, and scale our team to accommodate a growing base of Remix users.  Customer Success at Remix requires a variety of skills: an understanding of the transit planning process and street design process, a relentless desire to solve problems,  an inclination for customer service, and the ability to engage others when teaching technical topics. Particularly looking for candidates with Spanish speaking fluency.

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