Connor Leech (@connor11528)

Hi I'm Connor!

I created Employbl.

What is Employbl?

Employbl is a marketplace for candidates and companies in the Bay Area. Active candidates apply to join the network, create their profiles and can search through company profiles on the discover page.

Employers partner with Employbl to post their job listings, browse and search through active candidates and have me recruit on their job listings.

Who are you though?

I’m Connor, Software Engineer and Technical Recruiter. I’ve previously worked at a startup, recruiting agency and coding contractor. I grew up in the Bay Area and love helping other people succeed. Whether it be matching candidates to opportunities, helping hiring managers build badass teams, writing code or providing career advice I get a kick out of other people's success.

What's the best way to get in touch?

Shoot me an email at or I'm on twitter @connor11528.