Tech Company Startup Job Listings in the Bay Area

This is a list of tech companies in the Bay Area that are hiring right now. The list is sorted by companies with the most open job listings! Employbl pulls job listings for about 200 Bay Area tech companies and startups.

Bay Area Companies grouped by Tag

These are the tags I've assigned to the hundreds of companies on the list. It's not scientific but could be helpful for finding new tech businesses located in the Bay Area!

Tech companies by Bay Area city

There are 800+ companies in the Employbl database. View all of the companies that have physical offices in the below list of cities.

I only store one location for each tech company in the Bay Area. If I'm missing a company please email me:

I have an inclusive definition of what qualifies as a tech company. If they employ software engineers or digital marketers they're probably going to make the list!

📍 Alameda, CA

(2 companies)

📍 Belmont, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Berkeley, CA

(3 companies)

📍 Campbell, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Cupertino, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Dublin, CA

(2 companies)

📍 East Palo Alto, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Emeryville, CA

(7 companies)

📍 Foster City, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Fremont, CA

(3 companies)

📍 Los Gatos, CA

(2 companies)

📍 Menlo Park, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Mill Valley, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Mountain View, CA

(17 companies)

📍 Newark, CA

(1 companies)

📍 Oakland, CA

(41 companies)

📍 Palo Alto, CA

(11 companies)

📍 Pleasanton, CA

(13 companies)

📍 Redwood City, CA

(30 companies)

📍 Sacramento, CA

(2 companies)

📍 San Bruno, CA

(1 companies)

📍 San Francisco, CA

(595 companies)

📍 San Jose, CA

(10 companies)

📍 San Leandro, CA

(6 companies)

📍 San Mateo, CA

(17 companies)

📍 San Rafael, CA

(1 companies)

📍 San Ramon, CA

(4 companies)

📍 Santa Clara, CA

(4 companies)

📍 Sunnyvale, CA

(6 companies)

📍 Walnut Creek, CA

(2 companies)

Tech company lists by location

These are lists of tech companies broken down by their physical location. For the full raw dataset check here. Interested in another location or segmentation? Shoot me an email or tweet and I'll do my best!

Tech Companies in San Francisco, CA

This is a list of all the companies I've collected that have physical offices in the city of San Francisco. Collecting companies in San Francisco was the original focus of this project when I was applying for job. Most of the companies in the dataset (for right now) are in San Francisco and tech or tech related.

Tech Companies in the East Bay Area

Be it Richmond, Berkeley or Oaktown, these are tech companies that have offices in the East Bay. If you'd like to add a company tweet or email me!

Tech Companies in the Peninsula, Bay Area

The Peninsula is south of San Francisco, but north of Mountain View, Palo Alto and San Jose. These are companies you can get to by taking the 101 or San Mateo Bridge.

Tech Companies in the South Bay Area

These are companies that I'd say are in Silicon Valley proper, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose. These are tech companies with physical offices in the South Bay/Silicon Valley.

Discover companies in the Bay Area

This accesses job listings from the Greenhouse API. Company data comes from an open source data set I maintain on GitHub. Select your region to learn more about tech opportunities in your area.

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